Top Nine places to celebrate New Year Festival

Telling you that New Year Season is one of the most special seasons on earth is like telling you that food is very good for the body.


But the funniest thing is that most couple now finds it hard to agree on where they should go for New Year Festival Period. While the husband might be thinking of going to bar beach the wife might be thinking of going to an eatery and this might spoil the celebration.


So below are some places you can go for this New Year Festival.


  1. Church: It is good to start this New Year with God no matter what. Go to church early in the morning have a relationship with God. Remember, God First!
  2. Eateries: almost everybody living in Nigeria have passion for Eateries. I ask one of my friends why he like eating in Mr Biggs and many other, he said “The environment is very cool and their food delicious. Well, I think he is right. So if you want to have a happy New Year Celebration with your Family then you can just go out and check for a decent eatery around you. I promise you before the upper New Year celebration your children will be the one to remember you where they want to celebrate it because it will be a memorable day for them.
  3. Museum: This sounds very funny but it is one of the best places you can go with your love ones. It is also an educative and informative place your child can go.
  4. Beach: Go to the beach and see nature at it best! It is also one of the best places to be.
  5. Carnival: Carnival is one of the nicest places to be with your love one including your oldest friends. Though some people use it as an opportunity to do some things that are not proper.
  6. Shows: You can attend Comedy show or Game Show for some token of money
  7. Visit some friends and families but don’t over do it because it might leads to to ju bole eran nuru.
  8. Beer Parlour: Thinking of having a memorable New Year then this is one of the best places to be. Going there in the New Year will get you connected with business minded people. You should know that New Year is a Year not only for Drinking and Eating but for praying, meditating, thinking and connecting yourself. So, you must make sure you drink not more than one or two bottle else it might do a lot of damage to your health.
  9. Take a Tour to some interesting places.

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