How to cure Pimples

A 16 years-old with acne

pics of a boy with pimles

One of the major questions asked by both young and old, male and Female, fat and slim is “How do I cure Pimples”

But first, what is Pimples?

According to wikipedia a Pimple is a kind of acne, and one of the many results of excess oil clogging the pores. It is a disease that has no regard for ages or gender; and the most horrible part of it is that it is one of the most humiliating diseases that can cause disgrace to its carriers.

It affects both young and old. If care is not taken it can cause the following:

White Head Significant,

swelling and may appear on the back and chest or

Dark Heads

Though I am not a dermatologist but I have treat Pimples naturally by myself

Presently, there are many effective ways of curing pimples like creams, washes or medications.

But below are some natural ways of curing Pimples and they are very effective:

Always remember to wash your hand before touching your face

  • Wash your face every night before going to bed
  • Drink a cup of water mixed with lemon to detoxify you body
  • Do not squeeze any pimples
  • Have a good diet: Eat a healthy meal
  • Eat wheat bread instead of white bread
  • Apply Honey to your face and make sure you wash your face before going to bed.
  • Exercise your body

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