How to Prepare Ifokore

I am not a cook or a caterer but I will tell you that this is one of the best foods in Nigeria that most people want to know about.

Though I am not a cook or a caterer (although my mother is a Caterer), but I can do some damages in preparing this meal. Ask my mother she will tell you better.

I could remember the last time we had this meal, I told my mother before she prepared it that I will be the one to prepare it but she didn’t allow me to prepare it and I felt defeated but I didn’t blame her because I knew that the main reason is was “MY FATHER” He usually us to as “Inexperience cookers”

Well, that is man for you and thanks to my mother who always do her best to make this meal a reality show for the entire family because the whole family is always happy whenever decision is made about this meal.

Without wasting your time, I will share with you how she cooks the meal for the family. So don’t think it is the inexperience cooker.

By the way, I am also a cooker – I can cook rice and some other foods – so don’t think
I am that inexperience.

Below are some Ingredients or Recipe for cooking Ifokore

Note that the recipe and the method in cooking might not correspond with some other people’s recipe and Methods


Red Palm-Oil

Smoke Fish


The first thing you have to do is to Peel the yam, cut it into small size and wash it with water.

Use Grater (A metal tools use for shredding food items into small pieces) to blend the yam or any other kitchen utensil that can blend it, and make sure you put a big bowl beneath the grater so that the blended yam will pour into the bowl.


a yam rub against a grater

Mix the blended Yam together with salt and set it aside

Pieces the smoke fish and extracts every unnecessary bone; pour the extracted fish on a clean plate

The second Step is to put a pot of enough water on the fire while still

The pixs show a cooked ifokore

on fire add the amount of pepper you think will be enough for you, also add seasoning and the extracted fish inside the pot that is on fire.

The third step is to use either your hand or a big spoon to mould the mix blended yam into a ball shape and add to the pot on fire.

Leave for about 8 minutes.

Add Red Palm oil to it, and leave for about 20minutes.

Then, you can now Serve.


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  1. Most of the times i visit a blog I notice that most blogs are amateurish.On the other hand,I could honestly say that you writing is decent and your website solid.

  2. Most what i read online is trash and copy paste but your posts are not alike. Keep it like this.

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