Top Nine places to celebrate New Year Festival

Telling you that New Year Season is one of the most special seasons on earth is like telling you that food is very good for the body.


But the funniest thing is that most couple now finds it hard to agree on where they should go for New Year Festival Period. While the husband might be thinking of going to bar beach the wife might be thinking of going to an eatery and this might spoil the celebration.


So below are some places you can go for this New Year Festival.


  1. Church: It is good to start this New Year with God no matter what. Go to church early in the morning have a relationship with God. Remember, God First!
  2. Eateries: almost everybody living in Nigeria have passion for Eateries. I ask one of my friends why he like eating in Mr Biggs and many other, he said “The environment is very cool and their food delicious. Well, I think he is right. So if you want to have a happy New Year Celebration with your Family then you can just go out and check for a decent eatery around you. I promise you before the upper New Year celebration your children will be the one to remember you where they want to celebrate it because it will be a memorable day for them.
  3. Museum: This sounds very funny but it is one of the best places you can go with your love ones. It is also an educative and informative place your child can go.
  4. Beach: Go to the beach and see nature at it best! It is also one of the best places to be.
  5. Carnival: Carnival is one of the nicest places to be with your love one including your oldest friends. Though some people use it as an opportunity to do some things that are not proper.
  6. Shows: You can attend Comedy show or Game Show for some token of money
  7. Visit some friends and families but don’t over do it because it might leads to to ju bole eran nuru.
  8. Beer Parlour: Thinking of having a memorable New Year then this is one of the best places to be. Going there in the New Year will get you connected with business minded people. You should know that New Year is a Year not only for Drinking and Eating but for praying, meditating, thinking and connecting yourself. So, you must make sure you drink not more than one or two bottle else it might do a lot of damage to your health.
  9. Take a Tour to some interesting places.

Best Lucrative Business in Nigeria


Are you looking for the best Profitable or Lucrative business in Nigeria that you can start? Then this information might be very important for you.


Nigeria as one of the most populous countries in West Africa is witnessing a change in some areas, so the need for entrepreneurship is as important as nothing else in the country. This has made many Nigerians to look to the other side by establishing Business instead of seeking for Job or Employment Opportunity.


Most people don’t know that there are unlimited business opportunities that can yield a lot of Profits. Although most of these businesses require huge capital while some requires a little capital but no matter what, PROFIT is what matters the most.


So, I will just highlight one for each.


Huge Start-Up Business


I know the phrase “Huge Start-Up Business” scares you, but should it bother you?

note one thing that the “huge Start-up business” doesn’t mean something very expensive to establish.




If you are looking for one of the most profitable business in Nigeria that have a high returns then you should go for this business.


The rate this business is growing in Nigeria is high that people can’t even imagine. In fact most big men in Nigeria now are into this business because of the RETURN in investment.


However, there are some steps that needs to be taken in this business


The first step is that you need to have a factory and that is a most.

Oh sorry I shouldn’t have mentioned that because you have already knows more about that.


Set up a factory (that must be equipped with Water production machine), get a bottle mode or you can build the plant that is if you have the money, after designing the bottle, get a shrink wrapping label design for your bottle water


The fact is that Water Production Business is a very Profitable Business that requires a huge amount of money, Time and some other things.



Small Capital Business


One of the questions most people asked and will continue to ask is “which small business can yield huge Profit?”


There are countless of small capital business in Nigeria, but only few of them can yield huge Profit.


Example of these Businesses are Recharge Card Business and many more


Though, most of these businesses can be done at home but the  only business that I know that is very easy and lucrative is micro-business.


Don’t get me wrong I know there are many profitable business but the only business that I am 100% sure that you can succeed in doing within a limited time is “A MICRO-BUSINESS” or a “A COMPOUNDING BUSINESS”


There are many reasons why you need to do this business like

  • No cost of production
  • No Utility Payment
  • No overhead payment and some other expenses that are required in other business.
  1. Another reason is that it can be done online (internet) and also offline,
  2. it can be done on a part time basis or full time.
  3. It requires low start up capital
  4. Since it is a business, it
  5. Financial Freedom guaranteed because you are entitle to bonuses, commission and some other incentives.

…and some other reasons.

For more information on how to live a successful life by doing a Micro-business anywhere in Nigeria and the whole of Africa you can contact 08184358145 or you can send an email to


focus the key to achievement

it take focus and stubborn determination to achieve ones aim in life, but without these two ingredient one will be like a lost ship in the middle of an ocean.
so keep focus.

focus the key to achievement

it take focus and stubborn determination to achieve ones aim in life, but without these two ingredient one will be like a lost ship in the middle of an ocean.
so keep focus.

How to cure Pimples

A 16 years-old with acne

pics of a boy with pimles

One of the major questions asked by both young and old, male and Female, fat and slim is “How do I cure Pimples”

But first, what is Pimples?

According to wikipedia a Pimple is a kind of acne, and one of the many results of excess oil clogging the pores. It is a disease that has no regard for ages or gender; and the most horrible part of it is that it is one of the most humiliating diseases that can cause disgrace to its carriers.

It affects both young and old. If care is not taken it can cause the following:

White Head Significant,

swelling and may appear on the back and chest or

Dark Heads

Though I am not a dermatologist but I have treat Pimples naturally by myself

Presently, there are many effective ways of curing pimples like creams, washes or medications.

But below are some natural ways of curing Pimples and they are very effective:

Always remember to wash your hand before touching your face

  • Wash your face every night before going to bed
  • Drink a cup of water mixed with lemon to detoxify you body
  • Do not squeeze any pimples
  • Have a good diet: Eat a healthy meal
  • Eat wheat bread instead of white bread
  • Apply Honey to your face and make sure you wash your face before going to bed.
  • Exercise your body

How to be Stress less

Pain in acute myocardial infarction (rear)

Image via Wikipedia

It is certain that majority of what we aims in life a Good Job, a good ride and have a good time with our love ones. In short we want to enjoy life, but when things turn upside down stress comes in. and if it is not quickly prevented it might leads to Heart Attack and some other chronic diseases that can result to death.

Everyday we face one or two situations that involve stress inducing response. So, the word “stress free” is not possible.

Losing a job Position, Struggling to pay for tuition in the university, Health problem, Family problem, Death, Divorce, Buying a new home, Queries at work, Diets, Lifestyle and many more are some of the causes of Stress.

According to researchers there are many ways of preventing Stress. So, below are natural ways of preventing Stress.

Natural Way of Preventing Stress

Eat a balance diet: Eating meals that are rich in Nutrients is the best way to prevent stress and tiredness.

Eat light food in the morning instead of starchy foods.

Regular Exercise: Exercise in the form of walking, jogging will also put the body in good shape

Sip a cup of Tea: According to researchers, it is studied that drinking a cup of coffee in the morning will to prevent stress

Entertain yourself: You can reduce stress by listening to music, playing, joking and having a funny conversation with others.

Practice Relaxation: After having a long stressful day you can relax yourself and put your body in a better condition.

Avoid pain or high volume music

Avoid anything that can lead to Stress

And make sure you seek medical advice

How to Prepare Ifokore

I am not a cook or a caterer but I will tell you that this is one of the best foods in Nigeria that most people want to know about.

Though I am not a cook or a caterer (although my mother is a Caterer), but I can do some damages in preparing this meal. Ask my mother she will tell you better.

I could remember the last time we had this meal, I told my mother before she prepared it that I will be the one to prepare it but she didn’t allow me to prepare it and I felt defeated but I didn’t blame her because I knew that the main reason is was “MY FATHER” He usually us to as “Inexperience cookers”

Well, that is man for you and thanks to my mother who always do her best to make this meal a reality show for the entire family because the whole family is always happy whenever decision is made about this meal.

Without wasting your time, I will share with you how she cooks the meal for the family. So don’t think it is the inexperience cooker.

By the way, I am also a cooker – I can cook rice and some other foods – so don’t think
I am that inexperience.

Below are some Ingredients or Recipe for cooking Ifokore

Note that the recipe and the method in cooking might not correspond with some other people’s recipe and Methods


Red Palm-Oil

Smoke Fish


The first thing you have to do is to Peel the yam, cut it into small size and wash it with water.

Use Grater (A metal tools use for shredding food items into small pieces) to blend the yam or any other kitchen utensil that can blend it, and make sure you put a big bowl beneath the grater so that the blended yam will pour into the bowl.


a yam rub against a grater

Mix the blended Yam together with salt and set it aside

Pieces the smoke fish and extracts every unnecessary bone; pour the extracted fish on a clean plate

The second Step is to put a pot of enough water on the fire while still

The pixs show a cooked ifokore

on fire add the amount of pepper you think will be enough for you, also add seasoning and the extracted fish inside the pot that is on fire.

The third step is to use either your hand or a big spoon to mould the mix blended yam into a ball shape and add to the pot on fire.

Leave for about 8 minutes.

Add Red Palm oil to it, and leave for about 20minutes.

Then, you can now Serve.