December is knocking on the door! What do I get for my Lover?

Teddy Flying

I don’t know about you but this is one of the questions that is giving me concern every morning “What do I get for my lover”

It all started on one Monday morning. Thank God I woke up peacefully with the hope that things would be better. I was looking very great that morning; I greeted everybody as I usually do every, then the moment I saw my brother something came into my mind “TODAY’S DATE” I looked very confused and asked myself what the date was. After some minute of evaluation and different answer to the problem, I decided to take another step.

I decided to ask him. As if he knew the exact things that I wanted to know “Today’s date is November 1st” he replied “November what?” I ask curiously.  “Then I have some serious issue to tackle”

Ask what the issue was all about, “My Lover


What should I buy for her that she would appreciate; a teddy or what?

Not knowing that my younger brother was given ear to it, he replied that why should I buy a lady a Teddy when she is not a baby? I was about to give a slap when my mother came in. This means I have to postpone the slap for another day because I don’t want her to know what was happening.

“Maybe he is right” I told myself. “Why in this world will a grown up girl want a teddy?”

Then suddenly something came to my head.

I remember Back in those days while i was still  in secondary school one of my to-be girlfriend then, ask for a present so I ask her what did she wants me to buy, instead of giving me an option on what she likes she gave me a sharp reply “what do you think you friends are buying for their girlfriends.” I look at her and frown “I don’t know” I reply her. Then she told me that I should buy her either Teddy or any alternative else she would be mad at me. I must confess that I never bought anything for her and she never ask about anything concerning gift or present from me (It is not my fault then because I wasn’t working then)

Now that I am working, what should I buy for her; a teddy or a Card or what? What if she asks me of something more expensive than I can afford?

Ask one of my male friends what he would buy for his girlfriend for Christmas, He looked at me with a smiling face and said it is either he runs away or he would switch off his phone, then after a while he would reconcile with girlfriends.

With the way things are going in Nigeria, ask majority of young guys living in Nigeria what they would buy for their Lovers on Christmas I believe that majority will choose to Run Away and Come back while Minority will buy one on two”

The surest thing is that Guys must go out with Babes!



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