How to loose fat belly

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Are you thinking of losing belly fat or are you tired. Having a flat belly doesn’t require much stress but it requires commitment. Since you are the one who want to loose belly you have to make some sacrifice.

One of the questions customers ask is “How do I loose Fat Stomach and make it flat?”

But first, what are the fundamental causes of Fat Belly?

Consumption of Foods and Drinks that contains High Calories is simply the fundamental causes of Fat Belly

So in order to cut down your Fat Belly you must minimized the intake of Foods or drinks that are high in calories

Below are some important tips that may help reduce you Belly

Ways to loose fat Belly or Stomach

Avoid or minimize the consumption of Beer: One of the main reasons why Beer will add more size to your Belly or Stomach is that Beer is high in Calories, so drinking one bottle of beer might put you at right let alone 4 bottles a days. Beer also tricks the body. The more you drink it, the hungrier.

So, it is advisable that loosing Fat Belly means loosing Beer or Minimize the intake of Beer.

  1. Watch what you eat: minimize eating foods that are high in calories but do not starve yourself so as not to invite urcher.
  1. Cut-out some foods like White Bread, Processed Rice, and Pasta Replace with healthy foods like Wheat Bread, Ofada Rice.
  1. Eat a lot of Green Vegetables and Fruits because they are rich in Vitamins and Minerals that are very good for the body.
  1. Eat foods that are high in protein and Health Fats; eat less of starchy foods or carbohydrates
  1. Add Fish to your Meal because it contains Omega 3 Salmon Oil.
  1. Exercise your body like weight lifting, walking or jogging is very important to burn more fat.

Note that exercise alone is not enough to lose fat belly, since the fundamental problem is consuming substance of high calories. So you need to minimize eating foods or drinks that are high in calories.

Eat Healthy and Exercise your body!

How many times do exercise your body? Please comment below.


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