How to win your lover’s heart forever

" Without your love, a love I need, it’s ...

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Love is no doubt one of the best and special things in Life. That is the reason why you and I crave for it.


It is very sad that nowadays most relationship don’t last long as a result of nothing except for one thing which is LOVE


So for you to win your lover’s heart forever there must be this unique ingredient – LOVE.


Here are some tips that might help keep win your lovers heart for life. .


1          Always appreciate your lover: If you are thinking of a way to make your relationship last forever you must appreciate your lover no matter. Appreciating her will make her feel on top of the world


2.         Argue but don’t quarrel: It is normal that we quarrel but when it is getting too much it might destroy one of the best things in life – love.


So if you notice that the argument is going tough, calm yourself for a minute – let the winds blow the spirit of quarrel away – Calm him/her down by accepting the fact that you are at fault, then highlight his/her own fault.

Remember soft answer blow away quarrel.


3.         Always find time to study your lover; know what your lover like and hate: Before anything you must first of all know the person you are engage with; know what she like, know what she hate This is the fundamental way to prevent your relationship from crashing,


4.         Take her to some amazing places that she can never forget like cinema, football pitch or stadium, eateries etc


5.         Always tell your lover that he/she is the special thing in your life. Telling your lover that he/she is a special thing will make her conclude that you are a special thing in her life.


6.         If she is doing some things that you do not like let her know that you don’t like and do not try by condemning him / her, instead tell her you love her for who she is and that you will appreciate if she can just adjust.


7.         If there is anything she needs always give support to her. Always be there for your lovers.


8.         Talk well about him/her in public most especially in the midst of his/her friends, and he will like you more.


9.                  Always have time for your lovers


10.       Always dress to his/her taste, and make sure you don’t over dress. You know   what I mean.


11.       Share your dreams together. I mean your future plan together.


Remember that what God has join together let no man separate.

Have anything to share please comment below.


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