Benefits of Eating Fruits and Vegetable

The picture shows variety of fruits

One of the funniest days of my life was when I told someone that it is very important eating fruits and vegetables on daily basis; I also told her that eating fruits will help in many ways.

Before I mention these advantages she hit me back with this statement “You see my dear, I know how important fruits are. The fact is, the condition in eating them is not very easy. See nowadays eating a single fruits means eating yourself dry, because fruits are very expenses here in Nigeria, you can’t compare Nigeria with United State. Imagine, a person who is earning less than 20 thousand in a month, how many fruits will this person eat per day, and remember fruits cost 50 naira in Nigeria. So tell me how much will such person spend on buying fruits?”

The lady looked at me and asked me this question “How much have you spent in buying fruits daily?”

When I heard this question I was very surprise, although that is not the first time someone will ask me this question.

So, I didn’t hesitate to answer her with this question, “Madam, how much have you spent on medical treatment”

She was very surprised and speechless.

I then go further by explaining to her that the money I have used in buying fruits is not up to the money she has used for medical purpose, even since I started eating fruits and vegetable I fall sick rarely.

Most of us think that buying fruits and vegetables is a waste of time and money, but we never think that spending huge amount of money for medical purpose is a waste of time and money too.

Come to think of it, why do God create these things, is it for fashion purpose, or what.

To show how generous God is, eating a fruits will yield many fruits; that is the logic. Let’s take for instance you eat a fruits, how many seed do you think it will have? Absolutely more that ten, that can be planted again and again.

Although the issue of Agriculture is no longer animportant things in Nigeria but it is life. I mean Agriculture is life.

There are many importance of adding fruits and vegetables to your diet.

below are some benefits of Eating Fruits and Vegetables

  1. It Detoxify the system: Well if you are looking for a natural way to detoxify you body system, then you need to eat a lot of fruits without adding any food for some time.

  2. It also good for wealth loss programme because it contains low calories it also supply the body with energy, thereby making you feel hungry less.

  3. Eating Fruits help prevent coronal heart disease, stroke and colon cancer because they are rich in Vitamins, Fibers, Magnesium and they are also low in calories.

  4. They Stimulate the Memory: so if you are the type that forgets things easily, then eating fruits is the best option for you because it will make you brain function very well.

  5. Eating fruits everyday make us look happy and healthy

  6. Eating fruits prolong life because it contains some essential nutrients that are very good for the body.

  7. Eating fruits also helps improve Sight and some other health issues


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