Alert,! Stress may also cause Heart Disease

It is not a new thing that Heart Disease is responsible for the death of many people in the whole wide world.

 Previously according to researchers it is proven that the major cause of Heart Diseases is EATING FOODS THAT ARE HIGH IN CHOLESTEROL. So the eating of meat and some other foods that are high in Cholesterol were minimized.

 As science is improving daily it is now confirmed that lowering or minimizing foods that are high in Cholesterol – like meat and egg may not reduce the chance of having Heart Disease. In fact if care is not taken, it might even leads to the Disease and some other diseases like Cancer.

Although, Cholesterol is been referred to bad agent but according to researchers, it is studied that cholesterol is used by our bodies to repair wounds in the arteries. It is also proven that cholesterol acts as an anti-oxidants, it is a predecessor for the synthesis of vitamin D as well as bile for digesting Fat. 

The truth is lowering your cholesterol level will not prevent you from having this disease.

Now the question is; what are the causes of Heart Disease?

  • Stress: This might sound funny but it is the truth. Stress is one of the major causes of Heart Disease because when the body is under stress it causes High Blood Pressure which can leads to Heart Diseases.


  • Excess of Alcohol: Excess of Alcohol is very dangerous to the body because it can damage the heart and lead to high blood pressure, heart failure and sometimes stroke. It also put more fat into the circulation in your body.


  • Excessive consumption of Starchy Food is another cause of Heart Problem. Foods that contain high calories should not be eaten too much.


  • Eating of Preservative Foods: Eating processed food like meats and sausages could increase the risk of heart disease.

 Other reasons are lack of exercise, eating saturated fat, vegetable oils and some other causes.

S o instead of running around for how to cure on the disease, here are some ways that will surely helps prevent Heart Problem.

  •  Eat a lot of fish because it contains Omega 3 that helps the heart to function very well. They are also good source of Protein, Minerals and vitamins Fish like Salmon, Fresh Tuna, and Sardines are good example of fish that contains Omega 3.


  • Eat Wholegrain because it contains more fibre and other nutrient than any other starchy foods. Foods like Wholegrain Bread, Brown Rice, and Ofada Rice.


  • Eat varieties of fruits and vegetable everyday: eating fruits and vegetable always will protect you from diseases because they contain Fibre, Vitamins, Minerals and some other component.


  • Exercise, Rest and Medication will also help you breath normal, so instead of stressing yourself you can practice relaxation.


  • Supplement your Diet: Supplementing your diet is a way to secure your health. Most of the foods we eat are breed with fertilizers and some chemicals, and most of us don’t eat raw foods, we eat preserved foods or drinks.

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