December is knocking on the door! What do I get for my Lover?

Teddy Flying

I don’t know about you but this is one of the questions that is giving me concern every morning “What do I get for my lover”

It all started on one Monday morning. Thank God I woke up peacefully with the hope that things would be better. I was looking very great that morning; I greeted everybody as I usually do every, then the moment I saw my brother something came into my mind “TODAY’S DATE” I looked very confused and asked myself what the date was. After some minute of evaluation and different answer to the problem, I decided to take another step.

I decided to ask him. As if he knew the exact things that I wanted to know “Today’s date is November 1st” he replied “November what?” I ask curiously.  “Then I have some serious issue to tackle”

Ask what the issue was all about, “My Lover


What should I buy for her that she would appreciate; a teddy or what?

Not knowing that my younger brother was given ear to it, he replied that why should I buy a lady a Teddy when she is not a baby? I was about to give a slap when my mother came in. This means I have to postpone the slap for another day because I don’t want her to know what was happening.

“Maybe he is right” I told myself. “Why in this world will a grown up girl want a teddy?”

Then suddenly something came to my head.

I remember Back in those days while i was still  in secondary school one of my to-be girlfriend then, ask for a present so I ask her what did she wants me to buy, instead of giving me an option on what she likes she gave me a sharp reply “what do you think you friends are buying for their girlfriends.” I look at her and frown “I don’t know” I reply her. Then she told me that I should buy her either Teddy or any alternative else she would be mad at me. I must confess that I never bought anything for her and she never ask about anything concerning gift or present from me (It is not my fault then because I wasn’t working then)

Now that I am working, what should I buy for her; a teddy or a Card or what? What if she asks me of something more expensive than I can afford?

Ask one of my male friends what he would buy for his girlfriend for Christmas, He looked at me with a smiling face and said it is either he runs away or he would switch off his phone, then after a while he would reconcile with girlfriends.

With the way things are going in Nigeria, ask majority of young guys living in Nigeria what they would buy for their Lovers on Christmas I believe that majority will choose to Run Away and Come back while Minority will buy one on two”

The surest thing is that Guys must go out with Babes!



How to loose fat belly

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Are you thinking of losing belly fat or are you tired. Having a flat belly doesn’t require much stress but it requires commitment. Since you are the one who want to loose belly you have to make some sacrifice.

One of the questions customers ask is “How do I loose Fat Stomach and make it flat?”

But first, what are the fundamental causes of Fat Belly?

Consumption of Foods and Drinks that contains High Calories is simply the fundamental causes of Fat Belly

So in order to cut down your Fat Belly you must minimized the intake of Foods or drinks that are high in calories

Below are some important tips that may help reduce you Belly

Ways to loose fat Belly or Stomach

Avoid or minimize the consumption of Beer: One of the main reasons why Beer will add more size to your Belly or Stomach is that Beer is high in Calories, so drinking one bottle of beer might put you at right let alone 4 bottles a days. Beer also tricks the body. The more you drink it, the hungrier.

So, it is advisable that loosing Fat Belly means loosing Beer or Minimize the intake of Beer.

  1. Watch what you eat: minimize eating foods that are high in calories but do not starve yourself so as not to invite urcher.
  1. Cut-out some foods like White Bread, Processed Rice, and Pasta Replace with healthy foods like Wheat Bread, Ofada Rice.
  1. Eat a lot of Green Vegetables and Fruits because they are rich in Vitamins and Minerals that are very good for the body.
  1. Eat foods that are high in protein and Health Fats; eat less of starchy foods or carbohydrates
  1. Add Fish to your Meal because it contains Omega 3 Salmon Oil.
  1. Exercise your body like weight lifting, walking or jogging is very important to burn more fat.

Note that exercise alone is not enough to lose fat belly, since the fundamental problem is consuming substance of high calories. So you need to minimize eating foods or drinks that are high in calories.

Eat Healthy and Exercise your body!

How many times do exercise your body? Please comment below.

What women should know about Fibroids

Fibroids can grow in different parts of the uterus. They are named according to which part of the uretus they are found.

  1. INTRAMURAL FIBROIDS: These are the most common fibroids, they grow inside the wall of the uretus.
  2. SUBSEROUS OR SUBSEROSAL FIBROIDS: These are Fibroids that grow outward from the wall, taking up space within the cavity of the uretus.
  3. PEDUNCULATED FIBRIODS: These are fibroids that is attached to the uretus by a thin stalk.


A fibroids start as a single musvle cell in the uretus. For reason that are not known, this cell changes into a fibroids tumor cell and starts to grow and multiply. Heredity may be a factor. It is thought that a muscle cell in the uretus may be programmed from birth to develop into a fibroid sometime-perhaps many years-after puberty (the start of menstrual periods).

After puberty, the ovaries produces more hormones, especially estrogen. Higher levels of these hormones may help fibroids to grow, although exactly how this might happen is not understood.

For many women, fibroids ccause no prblems. More than half of women with fibroids do not know they have them until their doctors tell them so.
The most common problems caused by fibroids are:

LARGE MENSTTRUAL PERIOD: Periods may last more than seven days and menstrual flow may be very heavy. Heavy mentrual flow can sometimes lead to anemia.

PRESSURE ON OTHER ORGANS: Large Fibroids may press on organs in the pelvis – a basin-shaped cavity in the lower abdomne, containing the bladder, bowel and reproductive organs.

– If fibroids press on the bladder; a woman may feel the urge to urinate frquently, She may pass only small amounts of urine and she may feel as though she has not completely emptied her bladder.
– If fibroids press on the bowel, she may feel constipated suffering from difficult, painful, or infrequent movement of the bowels, or full after eating a small amount of food.
– If fibroids press on one or both ureters (the tubes connecting the kidneys to the bladder), they may partially block the flow of urine. A woman may not be aware of thi, because it often isn’t painful. Over time, however, this kind of blockage can lead to kidney infections or other serious kidney damage.

PAIN IN TH PELVIS: The pressure of large fibroids on oher organs may cause pain in the pelvis. Sometimes, it fibroids do not get the blood flow they need to sustain themselves, they degenerate or die. This may cause severe pain lasting for days or weeks. Pain may also occur if the stalk of a fibroids twists, cutting off blood supply to the fibroids. Rarely, a fibroid may become infected and cause pain.

The treatment offered for fibroids will depend on whether or not the fibroids are causing any problems.

Surgery: is the standard treatment for fibroids that are causing pain, heavy or lengthy menstrual bleeding, or other problems. The two kinds of surgery most commonly performed are hysterectomy and myomectomy.


DRUGS: to use drug or surgery treatment does nothing to get rid of the causes, but only cures the symptoms. It means that fibroids can regrow after a short period and as well come with side effects like vaginal dryness, irregular vaginal bleeding, headaches, thinning of the hair, pain, pain in the bones, joints, and muscles, sleep problems, mood changes, loss of sex drive.


DIET: Diet is one of the most preferable treatment for any disease, because it is what will eat everyday. Eating good diet can also prevent any diseases and can also cure diseases.

How to Increase Sperm Count

Low sperm count is not a strange ailment. In fact most of the problems in some home arise as a result of the inability of the husband during sex.

Although there are many causes of Low Sperm count, but here are some:

Wearing Tight Underpants

Bathing in a hot water

Sitting for a long period of time



Smoking, excess of alcoholic intake

Excess of exercise

Regular ejaculation

Ways to increase you sperm

Irregular Ejaculation: You should give a gap of 3 days between two consecutive ejaculations keep a man more fertile.

Refrain from habits like smoking, alcohol consumption because it affects the liver

Regular Exercise

Eat Nutritious Food – diet that are low in fat and high in protein and vegetable.

Avoid bathing with hot water or wearing tight pants because of HEAT. etc.

Loss excessive weight because it cause oestrogen inbalance

Relaxation: Reduce stress levels by relaxing your body after a stressful day.

Exercise your body regularly. Exercise at least 20-30 minute regularly.

Try supplementation: supplementing you diet will boost your sperm count.

Make love in the morning or in the afternoon because sperm levels are often highest in the morning.

Benefits of eating Fish

 I could remember one of the most amazing stories that my mother told me that always let me give thanks to God was when I was very sick.


She told me that when I was still a little kid, I felt very sick so after running from place to place seeking for how to skyrocket my health without any improvement, she decided to take me to the village.

I know what you are thinking “Why?” Your thought is absolutely accepted because I also think the same way “why should I be taken me to the village instead of Hospital” So I asked her why she took me to the Village. She didn’t hesitate, she just go straight to the point by saying “To eat FISH”

When I heard this I stood up and started Laughing, I didn’t believe her, I thought she was making fun of me. She kept contemplating on the FACT, but I refused to believe her, although I knew she was telling the truth because she never lied to me, but because my younger brother and sister were there when she was telling the story, so I decided to accept disgrace from my younger.

The following day one of my Uncle came around. So my mother decided to raise the Issue, so as to prove to me that she was not lying.

When she asked my uncle why she took me to the village when I was very sick? To my greatest disgrace in the presence of my younger ones, he said “To eat fish” he further said that I was among those that ate the entire fish in the river near our family house in the village. What a mess! But a great testimony!

She then continued by saying that after two weeks of eating Fish (regularly) I became very healthy and strong. It was a miracle.

Yes a miracle. In fact Fish is one of the creatures that God created for the purpose of man consumption.

Adding fish to your diet will not only help skyrocket your health but it will save you money

It Reduce the risk of Coronal Heart Disease thereby reducing mortality rate

Brain development in Infant because of high levels of omega 3 fatty acids that keeps the arteries free of blockage and lowers your blood pressure. Fish like salmon, Herring, mackerel, sardines and some others.

Fish contains low saturated fat: Unlike high fat found in meat that block blood from flowing into the arteries thereby causing high blood pressure, low saturated fat found in fish doesn’t block blood from flowing in the arteries.

Eating fish makes you diseases free: Most fish contains a lot of vitamins that protect the body from diseases, fish like salmon has 100% vitamins, which means you are 100% free from diseases

It is suggested that we should eat at least 2 serving plate of fish a week

It is good for maintaining a healthy metabolism: Fish contains complete protein sources with all the amino acids your body needs to maintain a healthy metabolism.

It is also studied that fish is very good for children because it helps develop their brain.

Alert: excessive consumption of fish might be leads to mercury poison that are found in most food as a result of water pollution and some other factors.

Fortunately, you can avoid this by giving your food life.

Now my questions are: What sort of fish do you eat, how do prepare them, do you fry or cook it? Please comment below.

How to cure Diabetes Mellitus

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One of the major questions most people ask nowadays is “How to Cure Diabetes?”

According to research it is observed that one of the major reasons why diabetes is spreading at a faster rate is lack of information in the country.

Many people still believe that the disease cannot be cure.

The good news is that diabetes can be cured. In fact is the disease can be cured without spending any money. So if you have been spending a lot of money buying Insulin Injection maybe this is the time for you to put an end to it and change one or two things.

Diabetes otherwise known as Diabetes mellitus is the presence of excess Sugar in the blood as a result of excess consumption of Starchy foods like Eba, Fufu and some other Nigeria foods that are high in Calories and Lifestyle

There are many ways Diabetes can be cure.

Below are some natural ways Nigerians can cure Diabetes.

Reduce the consumption of Starchy food: Food like Eba, fufu, Garri and some other high carbohydrate food should be eaten in low quantity because they contain high calories that might cause harm to the body if they are eaten in high quantity.

Avoid Alcohol or sugar drink:  Drinking alcoholic may cause diabetes in some case. Alcoholic might stimulate hunger; so the more you drink alcohol the more hungry you will be and overeating leads to Obesity which leads to Diabetes.

Eat a lot of Green Vegetables and Fruits. Eating a lot of green vegetable and fruits might also cure diabetes because they are rich in Vitamins, Minerals, Magnesium and Fibre that help fight against some chronic diseases in the body.

Regular Exercise is very good and it is also another one of the natural ways of curing diabetes. Regular Exercise helps the body digest food easily

Drinking a lot of Water can also cure diabetes. Come to think of it, our body contains some percentage of water, which means that we will need to drink water every day to replace the wasted through urinating, sweating, spitting and some other ways.

Always afford Overweight or Fat Belly is another thing to look into. You have to make sure you have normal weight and a normal belly size. Researchers have found that most people that have fat belly have the greater chance of having diabetes.

Practice Relaxation: It is very important to relax your body

Eat a lot of Fish because they are rich in Omega 3 that are very good for the body

Please comment below if you don’t have enough time.

How to win your lover’s heart forever

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Love is no doubt one of the best and special things in Life. That is the reason why you and I crave for it.


It is very sad that nowadays most relationship don’t last long as a result of nothing except for one thing which is LOVE


So for you to win your lover’s heart forever there must be this unique ingredient – LOVE.


Here are some tips that might help keep win your lovers heart for life. .


1          Always appreciate your lover: If you are thinking of a way to make your relationship last forever you must appreciate your lover no matter. Appreciating her will make her feel on top of the world


2.         Argue but don’t quarrel: It is normal that we quarrel but when it is getting too much it might destroy one of the best things in life – love.


So if you notice that the argument is going tough, calm yourself for a minute – let the winds blow the spirit of quarrel away – Calm him/her down by accepting the fact that you are at fault, then highlight his/her own fault.

Remember soft answer blow away quarrel.


3.         Always find time to study your lover; know what your lover like and hate: Before anything you must first of all know the person you are engage with; know what she like, know what she hate This is the fundamental way to prevent your relationship from crashing,


4.         Take her to some amazing places that she can never forget like cinema, football pitch or stadium, eateries etc


5.         Always tell your lover that he/she is the special thing in your life. Telling your lover that he/she is a special thing will make her conclude that you are a special thing in her life.


6.         If she is doing some things that you do not like let her know that you don’t like and do not try by condemning him / her, instead tell her you love her for who she is and that you will appreciate if she can just adjust.


7.         If there is anything she needs always give support to her. Always be there for your lovers.


8.         Talk well about him/her in public most especially in the midst of his/her friends, and he will like you more.


9.                  Always have time for your lovers


10.       Always dress to his/her taste, and make sure you don’t over dress. You know   what I mean.


11.       Share your dreams together. I mean your future plan together.


Remember that what God has join together let no man separate.

Have anything to share please comment below.