How to prepare Melon Seed Soup (Egusi Soup)

Melon Soups also known as Egusi Soup is one of the most popular soups in Nigeria; precisely Sagamu, Ijebus and some other part in Ogun State – Western Part of Nigeria.

Important of MELON SEED SUOP or EGUSI soup

One of the reasons why Melon Seed Soup or Egusi Soup is very good and important is that it is proven by scientist that Melon Seed is an ANTIOXIDANT. So if you are having Nervous Disorder or Skin Disorder, Cancer, Coronary Heart Disease and some other diseases, then you need to make it your friends, in fact your best friend.

It is also proven that Melon Seed can boost the Immune System. The chance is yours.

Since it is a Soup, it can be added with foods like Wheat, Eba, Rice, Amala, Ebiripo and the rest of them.

I guaranty that you will love to cook it again and again if you mistakenly combine Okro soup or Ewedu Soup because their combination is just fantastic.

Cooking the soup is as easy as nothing else; all you have to do is get some ingredients and you are on the move.

Wait! Before we continue, if you feel like saying anything comment below and I will be please to hear from you.

Here come the Ingredients


  • Melon Seeds
  • Pepper
  • Onions
  • Red Palm Oil
  • Vegetable Leaves (Slice)
  • Salt (very very Important)
  • Seasoning – (optional)
  • Crayfish (Optional)
  • Stock Fish or Meat





The first step you need to take is to Peel away the Cover of the seed then wash the seeds with clean water.

After then grind the Melon seed with Grinding Stones that is the best way to grind it naturally or you can use Grinding Machine

Cook the stock fish or meat with onion till tender

Put a Pot of Red Oil in the fire and let it heat for some time and fry the melon with onions.

Make sure you stir it very well as you fry it to prevent it from getting burn. (No close one eyes)

Pour the stock fish and Meat and stir together.

Now the ball is in your court. In this stage you need to add or should I say pour some water.

Hmm wait a minute I know you are aiming for that Gallon of Water, please don’t over pour the water because if you do that, the soup might loss its taste. So you need to add water up to the quantity of soup you desire.

Add crayfish, pepper (make sure you don’t add too much of this, because if you do you won’t be the one to eat it), Seasoning (don’t over add this).

The Last but not the Least is to add your Slice Vegetable and add salt to it(moderate) to taste very nice.

The Last thing is to serve yourself.


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