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Are you looking for the best Profitable or Lucrative business in Nigeria that you can start? Then this information might be very important for you.


Nigeria as one of the most populous countries in West Africa is witnessing a change in some areas, so the need for entrepreneurship is as important as nothing else in the country. This has made many Nigerians to look to the other side by establishing Business instead of seeking for Job or Employment Opportunity.


Most people don’t know that there are unlimited business opportunities that can yield a lot of Profits.


Although most of these businesses require huge capital while some requires a little capital but no matter what, PROFIT is what matters the most.


So, I will just highlight one for each.



Huge Start-Up Business


I know the phrase “Huge Start-Up Business” scares you, but should it bother you?

note one thing that the “huge Start-up business” doesn’t mean something very expensive to establish.




If you are looking for one of the most profitable business in Nigeria that have a high returns then you should go for this business.


The rate this business is growing in Nigeria is high that people can’t even imagine. In fact most big men in Nigeria now are into this business because of the RETURN in investment.


However, there are some steps that needs to be taken in this business


The first step is that you need to have a factory and that is a most.

Oh sorry I shouldn’t have mentioned that because you have already knows more about that.


Set up a factory (that must be equipped with Water production machine), get a bottle mode or you can build the plant that is if you have the money, after designing the bottle, get a shrink wrapping label design for your bottle water


The fact is that Water Production Business is a very Profitable Business that requires a huge amount of money, Time and some other things.





Small Capital Business


One of the questions most people asked and will continue to ask is “which small business can yield huge Profit?”


There are countless of small capital business in Nigeria, but only few of them can yield huge Profit.


Example of these Businesses is Recharge Card Business and many more


Though, most of these businesses can be done at home but the business I know that is very easy and stress less is Direct Marketing.




Because it involves TEAM work though it is a do your own business but you can still leverage other people to climb the ladder of success.


  1. Another reason is that it can be done online (internet) and also offline,
  2. it can be done on a part time basis or full time.
  3. It requires low start up capital
  4. Since it is a business, it
  5. Financial Freedom guaranteed because you are entitle to bonuses, commission and some other incentives.
  6. It involves socialization.

…and some other reasons.


Although there are many criticism against this business, but if properly check it can supplement your Income more than you could imagine. All you need to do is:


  1. Look at their marketing plan: some are accumulative while some are not. So I will advise you to go for the one of accumulative method.
  2. Read their Rules and Regulation and see if it will not affect you
  3. Check the team you are working with, see how effective the team is.
  4. Check how effective their Products are
  5. Look at their past records.


For more information or if you are interested in doing a direct marketing business you can work with us or you can contact one of our Team members on 07096269359.